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Vostok Electronics ID010 Race Timing System

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System components:

  1. Decoder
  2. 2x5m detection loop with termination resistor
  3. Termination resistor with short 2x30cm cables, for your own loop (if you will made your own loop)
  4. 8m coaxial cable
  5. ~220V/12 VDC adapter for decoder. You can always use your AC/DC any polarity 7-12V 2A adapter for decoder power
  6. VDC connection cable for decoder power from car 12V plug
  7. VDC connection cable with unleaded ends for decoder power from battery (you can use 2S-3S LiPo or 12V Pb battery and your own connectors)
  8. Ethernet connection cable; USB connection cable.
  9. CD with user manual, drivers, and other third party free lap timing software.
  10.  One personal direct power (6-10V, 25mA) personal transponder, compatible only with our system.

This set has all needed components for using directly “out of the box”.

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